My name is Justin Starr and I am a hoarder but not in the traditional sense. My house isn’t lined wall to wall with empty boxes and old newspapers stacked to the ceiling. I am a different kind of hoarder. I hoard memories in the form of photos because photography picks up exactly where your memories leave off. I can’t quite place a finger on it but something happens within your mind when you look at old photos. It’s a feeling that can’t accurately be embodied inside of an inferior medium such as words. It’s excitement, nostalgia and discovery all at once. I’m nearly never without a camera to the point where it annoys my family and whoever happens to be around me. “Stop hiding behind your camera and live in the moment!” and maybe I should but I can’t.  I hate cliche’ but they say,  “Every moment is a gift…” and every photo captured inside of that moment is a parting gift to be revisited days, weeks, months or years after. It’s how we remember. From your first car to your first apartment. Those we’ve loved and lost. Who we once were to who we’ve become. I cherish my personal photography as it is invaluable to me and I treasure the fact that I am able to share and capture such important milestone moments in the lives of the people that I photograph. People who start out as clients but along the way end up becoming friends and a part of the personal collection of experiences and memories I amass while traveling through this life.


My name is Steve Morgan and I have had an interest in photography for over 20 years.  It started as an easy class in high school and has evolved over the years into something that I am passionate about.  I enjoy taking photos because I see it as a way to capture brief moments in time that we can reflect back upon days, weeks or even years later.  Photos have the ability to tell a story or illicit an emotion without the viewer even being there.
When I am not behind the camera I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.  I love to laugh and have a good time and try to bring my easy going attitude to all of our shoots.  Some other hobbies I enjoy include bbq competitions (when I have the time), wood working and video games. 
We enjoy shooting all types of events from birthdays to engagements to headshots and weddings.  Justin and myself are available for all of your photography needs.  If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to fill out our contact form below.